Conor Smith's Top 10 Albums of 2018

The year was 2018. For so long, it was 2018. Finally it ended and, once more, Conor Smith picked precisely ten albums to which he had listened as his top ten albums to which he had listened.

Here they are. All ten.

Quit the Curse
Anna Burch
Released 2 February 2018
Open Here
Field Music
Released 2 February 2018
The Now Now
Released 29 June 2018
Dirty Computer
Janelle MonĂ¡e
Released 27 April 2018
Little Dark Age
Released 9 February 2018
Be the Cowboy
Released 17 August 2018
Room 25
Released 14 September 2018
A Girl Cried Red
Princess Nokia
Released 13 April 2018
Dear Annie
Rejjie Snow
Released 16 February 2018
The Ophelias
Released 13 July 2018